一直都喜歡歐洲歷史的我, 在一次因緣下, 讓我有機會選擇到瑞典作短期的交換生. 去了之後, 讓我更喜愛這個國家.
之後我找到了蘇珊老師, 向她學習了瑞典文. 蘇珊老師的課非常活潑,有趣. 不像一般傳統的台灣英文補習班. 透過用瑞典語
聊天, 造句說故事等等, 讓學習新的語言不再是那麼的無趣. 而且蘇珊老師就像是朋友一般和藹可親!如果想要藉著學習瑞典文
來深入了解北歐歷史與文化, 找蘇珊老師準沒錯!
I am always into the European history. In a random occasion, I had a chance to become an Erasmus exchange student in Sweden for a short period of time. After returning from Sweden, I think I love this country even more than before.
After that, I found and contacted Susanne, and started learning Swedish from her. Her class is very interesting, creative and fun, unlike the typical English lesson taught in a Taiwanese cram school. Learning Swedish through communication, by creating sentences, stories and etc makes this task of new language learning so much fun and enjoyable. Also, Susanne is like a lovely friend more than just a teacher!! So… come and find Susanne if you want to learn Swedish so that you can know more about Nordic history and culture!
Howard Huang, studied Swedish in Taipei in 2014

4 thoughts on “學習瑞典語台北

  1. Hi Sussane,

    I want to learn Swedish since I went to Stockholm this year and love it so much.

    Hope to hear from you soon : D

  2. hello i’m interested in everything about sweden
    Especially language!
    I really want to learn swedish… thank you 🙂

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