Swedish organic gingerbread in Taipei! 瑞典薑餅在台北

瑞典薑餅在台北!有機和公平的貿易和KRAV,這意味著它們是由瑞典組織檢查,達到一定的質量標準!發現他們在有機店叫明華田,棉花花園英文!它是一個鏈和的商店之一上定西MRT出口1的相對側!學習瑞典語在台北! 學習 瑞典文化

Swedish gingerbread in Taipei! Organic and Fair trade and KRAV, which means that they are checked by a Swedish organisation and have reached a certain standard of quality! Found them at an organic shop called Ming Hua Tian, Cotton Garden in English! It is a chain and one of the shops is on the opposite side of Dinxi MRT exit 1!  Learn Swedish in Taipei and learn more about Swedish culture!


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