Prepare for a life in Sweden! 在台北學習瑞典語

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Kim Shih, one of my students who studied Swedish with me here in Taipei, is now living in Sweden and writing a blog about what it’s like to live and study in Sweden. 關於我 About Kim 25歲,出生成長於臺北。中山女中畢,在大學時期修習經濟和哲學,於2017年錄取瑞典斯德哥爾摩經濟學院(SSE, Stockholm School of Economics)兩年雙學位計劃,將同時修習國際商業碩士學位(MIB, MSc in International Business)及全球管理學聯盟(Global Alliance in Management Education)-國際管理碩士學位(CEMS MIM, Master in International Management)。 仰賴語言、真實性及好奇心維生,重視個人勝於群體,沉迷聲音及味道。 […]


Editing Love Ghost! #LoveGhost

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We filmed part of our film Love Ghost in the spring and now we are busy editing. Our composer Anton Botes will create music for the film. Our team has actors and film crew members from Sweden, Taiwan, the USA and Italy. Happy and proud to be part of this Nordic-Taiwanese-International film collaboration. Please follow […]