Prepare for a life in Sweden! 在台北學習瑞典語

Kim Shih, one of my students who studied Swedish with me here in Taipei, is now living in Sweden and writing a blog about what it’s like to live and study in Sweden.

關於我 About Kim

25歲,出生成長於臺北。中山女中畢,在大學時期修習經濟和哲學,於2017年錄取瑞典斯德哥爾摩經濟學院(SSE, Stockholm School of Economics)兩年雙學位計劃,將同時修習國際商業碩士學位(MIB, MSc in International Business)及全球管理學聯盟(Global Alliance in Management Education)-國際管理碩士學位(CEMS MIM, Master in International Management)。


Learn Swedish in Taipei! 台北學習瑞典語


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