A new member in our #LoveGhost team!

Swedish writer/director and Dutch choreographer/photographer!

This is William Lu, our new photographer! William is a choreographer from Holland , who now lives in Taiwan. He is a great dancer and has worked in his home country Holland, in LA in the US and also here in in Taiwan. We met about a year ago, when William was filming a dance film with a French filmmaker. I helped them to find the right location for their film and participated in the filming. That  was a great experience and I am therefore very happy to have William in our Love Ghost team!

We still have the same Director of Photography, William Chen, but this time we also need an extra photographer, as the filming is getting more and more complicated. And hopefully also getting more and more beautiful and interesting! We plan to film four short films that we afterwards can combine into a feature film called “Love Ghost – The movie.” Well, haha, maybe we have to call it something else, but it IS a feature with our Love Ghost in the lead role.

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