I love trees! Is that typical Swedish?

I don’t know if this is a typical Swedish thing, but I simply love trees!

When I was a child, I spent most of my free time playing in the forest. In Sweden, we don’t have so much homework and very few tests before we are 12 years old, so I had plenty of time to do other things. We also have no cram schools in Sweden.

In the summer, the Swedish forest is full of summer sounds. The birds are singing and there are sometimes cows strolling around and call each other with a cheerful “Muu!”

In Sweden we have a law that I think must be typical Swedish. This Swedish law says that all Swedish cows are allowed to have three months vacation every year. Every year in the beginning of the summer, the Swedish farms have big parties, where they invite everyone to come and see when the cows are let out and happily run their way to freedom.

In winter, we ski in the forest. Swedish people love to ski and we ski both cross country and downhill. Cross country is better in the forest and it’s an amazing feeling of freedom to glide forward without a sound among the trees when everything else is white of snow and ice.

Sometimes, when I walk around in a park in Taipei, I dream of my home country’s trees!

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