Filming, filming… #film #filmmaking #taiwan

Busy, busy with writing and rewriting our feature Love Ghost. But still have time to do some small acting jobs here and there.  Last week, I did a commercial where I was a grandmother eating vitamin pills with my aging husband in the  garden. Hm.  I wonder if anyone really buys those pills? 🙂

I guess there must be, because I have done many similar commercials  during the years.

I love to write and write almost about one hour every day. Writing is really rewriting. Sometimes, it seems like the screenplay will never get finished. That it will never become good enough. Very frustrating!  And, at the same  time, it’s so wonderful to be able to  do what I love the most! Writing! Waking up every morning, feeling grateful for the amazing life that greets us every morning!

When will we be able to film Love Ghost-the feature? I really don’t know. But one day it WILL happen! I am sure! And in the meantime, I keep busy teaching Swedish! 🙂

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