Learn Swedish in Taipei! Welcome to the Fika-course!

Sherry is one of my students! She has lived in Sweden as an exchange student and her goal is to learn Swedish well and go back to Sweden to work there!

To learn Swedish isn’t very difficult, once you get used to the sounds. We spend the first few lessons to learn the sounds so that you will sound Swedish. The grammar is very similar to English, so if your English is good you will learn Swedish fast.

We also discuss and learn about Swedish culture, Swedish history and Swedish food. All classes are tutor classes and one-to-one. I call the class the Fika course, because we are always in a cafe and alwasy drink coffee at the same time. We Swedish people love to fika! 🙂

If you are interested to learn more about the Swedish courses, please write an email to susanne@nordic-culture.com




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