Interview about Swedish culture and my life in Taiwan!

I was interviewed a few weeks ago about my life in Taiwan! We talked about Swedish culture, Taiwanese culture, my films and many other things. The podcast is made by a Finnish woman who lives in Australia. She calls her podcast Nordic Mum. We talked about what we miss from our countries and also what we enjoy in our new countries. She had interviewed a Japanese person before me, who said that Japan and the Nordic countries are quite similar in many ways. I thought that was very interesting because I feel that Taiwan is in many ways similar to Sweden.  And Taiwan was occupied by Japan for many years and is still very influenced by Japanese culture. I love many things about Taiwan that are actually Japanese. Or maybe Japanese/Taiwanese.

I also talked about my films Love Ghost and Ghostlove. They are both short films and we are planning to make a third short film soon called Ghostfree.

Swedish by Birth, Taiwanese by Heart

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