Time to learn Swedish! 學習瑞典語台北

Do you like stories and mythology? Or do you prefer food and recipes? Or maybe some easy phrases, grammar  and interesting words in Swedish?

Welcome to contact me for a free information meeting over a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe about Swedish, Swedish culture and learning Swedish! All lessons are 1-1 and flexible. We can meet whenever YOU have time!

My name is Susanne and I have lived in Taiwan since 2009. I LOVE Taiwan!!! And speak both Chinese and English so no worries if you think your English isn’t so good. We can speak Chinese and Swedish! I have taught Swedish to more than 600 students in Taiwan since 2009 and many of them live and work in Sweden now.

I work part-time as a Marketing Director for a Taiwanese company called Dr Funds Nordic. We help Taiwanese companies to start a business in the Nordic countries. I work a lot from home so my time is flexible.

When I don’t teach Swedish or do marketing, I make films! Please take a look at our film page Love Ghost! So far have my team and I made two films, Love Ghost and Ghostlove. Now, we prepare the third one called Ghostfree.


Write an email to susanne@nordic-culture.com

Looking forward to hear from you! 🙂




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