Watch our film Ghostlove online this week!

Ghostlove is a short film inspired by the old tradition that a woman must get married even though she is already dead. It is filmed here in Taiwan with a team from many different countries such as Sweden, Taiwan, Canada, South Africa, Canada and the US. Ghostlove is about Alex, an American living in Taipei. He is devastated because his Taiwanese girlfriend, Sophia, has recently died in a car accident. On top of that, Sophia’s mother wants him to marry Sophia in a traditional ghost wedding. She claims that love is forever, even after death. Last week we won Best Film at a festival in London.

From 18th to 24th of October you can see it online here in another festival, Lift Off Festival in London:

Lift-Off Sessions October 2020

Ghostlove is in PROGRAM 1, nr 4 on the list! Please vote for us!